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We have been producing seating for musicians – particularly piano stools and benches for over thirty years.

C.G.M. was founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Corengia, on new premises at Mariano Comense, in the province of Como.

Our aim has always been to offer reliable products with an excellent quality/price ratio.
Attention to the market’s needs, on-going investment in technology, and constant product innovation have placed us among the leaders of the sector.

Our articles are exported all over the world, and fully satisfy our customer’s varying demands and requirements, such as the style of bench or stool and the type of finish.

To ensure the increased satisfaction of both existing and future customers, we intend to continue our traditional approach to business with enthusiasm.


C.G.M. offers a range of over fifty models, including benches, stools, music stands and sheet music cabinets.

The various operations-cutting the wooden boards, preparing the semi-finished parts, assembling, polishing and fitting the upholstery – are all carried out internally by our workforce, using high-tech machinery.

We dedicate special attention to the mechanism for raising the bench, to ensure a more robust, more reliabe product. For this reason C.G.M. offers customers a choice of three types of mechanical fittings:

– standard

– special

– HT 3

Thanks to our three exclusive and innovative systems, a lot of our stools and benches can be manufactured with removable legs.

As regards polishing, we offer three finishes:

– direct-gloss finishes with polyurethane

– direct-gloss finishes with polyester

both using a robotised system

– polyester gloss finishes in which the felt polishing of the pieces is carried out manually, by experienced craftsmen.

All the models in production are normally made of beech; on request, however, they may be made of walnut, mahogany, rosewood, teak, cherry, elm, oak or ash.

The padded seats are available in ecopel, leather imitation, velvet, microfiber (also with no-fire material, class 1) and leather in the standard colours.

We can also supply the same models in the most varied shades, also on the basis of the customer’s samples. We can also produce models to the customer’s design.


PEFC system is based on six rules for the Sustainable Forest Management (GFS) developed in the area of the European Pan Process and its working directions.

The scheme of the PEFC forest certification has been promoted by the forest owners and by a part of european wood industry sector, starting from 1998.

The identification program of the national forest certification guarantees to the consumer that the wood comes from forests which are based on environmentally, socially beneficial and economically viable management.

CGM uses PEFC certified woods.